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IT Professionals Recruiting and Selection

Our Solutions in Information Technology

We're specialized in Information Technology. Through Our Solutions, we seek to increase efficiency, quality and profitability of our clients' services and products. Check:

IT Recruiting and Selection

IT-Professionals Recruiting & Selection. Quick, efficient, quality process, and your company's IT always qualified. It is undeniable that any company today needs IT professionals, whether they be small or large.

IT Professionals Recruiting and Selection

The difficulty many times is that some companies don't have the necessary expertise to research and evaluate IT-specialized professionals, what is completely normal, after all some IT positions really span complex attributes and skill sets. Our clients need to focus on their business's core activities.

Apart from that, there are the companies that could even satisfactorily evaluate the professionals they desire for their IT, however, these clients have slimmer Human Resources departments, focused on the company's core business areas, which would make the IT Recruiting & Selection overly difficult or long.

These are the main gaps we at Pasquali fill with the IT Recruiting & Selection process. Our solution involves mainly the following steps:

IT Professionals Selection Information gathering and definition of the desired professional's technical profile.
Consulting and salary definition.
Interviews, deployment of technical and psychological testing.
Precise technical triage and according to the selected profile.
Selection of at least 4 and at most 8 professionals per vacancy.
Selection and returning of the professionals' résumés in at most 5 days after defining the desired profile and vacancy confirmation.
Free recall guaranteed for a specific vacancy in case the selected professional doesn't stay on the job for at least 6 months. All the process is applied again.

Today's market and competition demand all companies to focus ever more on their core businesses. Pasquali comes up to support our partners in IT professionals Recruiting & Selection. However, our mission is not only to aggregate expertise and outsource responsibilities in our clients, our job and responsibility is also to keep the quality level of Information Technology areas in all companies we service always high.

All our IT Recruiting & Selection projects are managed, registered and updated through our online collaboration tool, Basecamp. Basecamp provides our clients and associates with transparency and efficiency. Know more about Basecamp and our standards for project and service management.

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