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Apart from all quality and efficiency that are already work standards at Pasquali Solution, we have important differences in the execution, monitoring and transparency of our work. Our solutions are managed through an online tool called Basecamp.

Full Management+ is done through Basecamp (a.k.a. BC). It is our online tool for project management. All work done by Pasquali Solution is planned and recorded on Basecamp, so that our client can follow its daily evolution and also interact with our professionals. Check:

Full Management

Access and Security: Access is done from any browser, smartphone or tablet app. BC's Security is based on the highest information security standards specified at the ISO 27001 norm.

Visualizing a Project: Within BC, a project is divided between Overview, Messages, To-Dos, Calendar, Writeboards, Hours and Files.

Calendar and Messaging: The calendar offers a broader view. We can oversee all our landmarks, events and planned goals. All the communication between the project's stakeholders is recorded. Each stakeholder will also receive a notification email.

To-Dos and Hour Management: This is where we plan the jobs that will be done and their deadlines. Usually, the conclusion of a list is related to a Goal. Some projects demand the need of planning and management of allocation hours by professional for each of their tasks. On BC we have a specific module for controlling these hours.

Full Management Basecamp

Writeboard: Throughout the project, it is very important to record future ideas related to the project/service developed by the project, lessons learned to be used in other projects etc.

Files and Backup: All files posted on To-Dos, Messaging etc. Are organized by version and BC guarantees backup and download availability whenever needed.

Internal Management: The Core/Management of our internal departments is also managed through BC, which endorses our Corporate Governance in a natural way and with great quality.

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